About Us

I started EricIIAir for my son as we have season tickets to Kansas City Chiefs games and live in St. Louis, MO.  To share the excitement of game at Arrowhead Stadium I came up with the idea to save the it takes to get to Kansas City which is roughly 3.5 hours if you drive.  Flying gets everyone to Kansas City in approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, so you save a huge amount of time.  For me time is money, but there is an added benefit as it gives me time to reconnect with my son as we travel.  I wanted to both show my son what is possible when you put your mind to creating a business and to get people together to take advantage of private jet travel.  We’re beginning to expand to Houston Rockets games, Cardinal away games, Royals games along with away games for each team also.

It’s not just about the travel because EricIIAir LLC is a company which tailors the experience of an Electrifying NFL Chiefs game with an all-inclusive wrapper which not only saves time, but maximizes experience with the ability to offer the full texture of a game or concert at Arrowhead.   Being able to connect with a client or potential client is also possible with this arrangement to make a statement and an experience.

This unique new travel option offered by EricIIAir provides individuals and companies with the opportunity to indulge their love of football in lavish style with comfort for a once in a lifetime Kansas City Chiefs experience. The private flights to Arrowhead make every client a VIP treated with all the comforts to make the trip one of a kind.